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The Magog Founders' House

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Packages for bus tour groups

Discover the history of Magog and its founding family, accompanied by historical figures. These animated tours are only available for groups of 30 or more.
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Engaging with our history

The Merry House is a citizen site of memory that presents Magog’s history and that of the region from the time of the Aboriginal peoples and the American settlers, up to today. Built in 1821 and open to public in 2018, the house and its site are highlighted through dynamic exhibitions and activities.

Property of the City of Magog, the oldest house in urban Magog is managed by the Corporation de la maison Merry which is mandate to develop and promote the new citizen site of memory for the benefit Magog’s residents and visitors.
Ralph merry cadre
Ralph Merry V, Fonds Merry Family, Société d’histoire de Magog

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Are history and heritage close to your heart ? By becoming a member, you don't just benefit from privileged access to our exhibitions, but you support the mission and development of the Merry House. Your membership also allows you to take part in decisions at the annual general meeting.