Ralph Merry V. Fonds Famille Merry. La Société d'histoire de Magog

Ralph Merry V. Merry Family fonds. Magog Historical Society


Engaging with
our history
ouverture au printemps 2018

The Merry House

Engaging with
our history

The Merry house is opened to the public since July 2018. It offers various entertaining and interactive exhibitions and activities to visitors.

Owned by the City of Magog, it’s the oldest house in urban Magog and is managed by the Corporation de la maison Merry, whose mission is to develop and promote the new site of memory for the benefit of Magog residents and visitors.

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Our Mission

The Merry House is a citizen site of memory that present Magog’s history and that of the region from the time of the Aboriginal peoples and the American settlers, up to today. Discover the oldest house in urban Magog through exhibitions and exciting activities.

A bit of history

The overall appearance of the Merry House, built in 1821 by Ralph Merry III, considered the founder of Magog, remains very similar to that which prevailed in the 19th and 20th centuries. Its classically inspired American vernacular architectural style bears witness to the period. At least six successive generations of the Merry family lived there from 1821 to 1942.

From 1821 to today: The Merry House restauration and heritage project

The architectural concept for the restoration and showcasing of the Merry House focuses on the ensemble, which includes the main building (the oldest part of the house), to be restored to its original features; the renovated secondary wing; and the addition of a new wing in a more modern style. The foundation will reflect the layout of former structures on the site.

The outdoor landscaping will feature a slate terrace and stone dust pathways to preserve a natural site based on the unique abundance of trees in Magog’s city centre.

Picnic tables and benches will be available for the public, welcome to visit the park at any time.

The City of Magog has entrusted the Merry House restauration and heritage project to the architectural consortium Espace Vital/Patrick Morand. We wish to underscore the contribution of the firm Muséoconseil in developing the project.

Visit the City of Magog’s website to follow the progress of the work.

icône baleine

Why a whale?
Discover the answer at the permanent exhibition.

La Maison Merry dans les années 1940. Fonds Famille Merry. La Société d'histoire de Magog

The Merry House in the 1940s. Merry Family fonds. Magog Historical Society

What is a citizen site of memory?


A citizen site of memory

The Merry House presents the social, cultural, and economic narrative of Magog and the Eastern Townships via an innovative approach. Through dynamic activities, visitors can take over the house and the site for educational, recreational, or community purposes, thus highlighting this heritage treasure.

School groups

The interactive tour of the oldest house in urban Magog is paired with an exploration of the outdoor property, showcasing its historical heritage in an exceptional natural setting.

General public

The Merry House is a citizen site of memory that aims to bring history to life through community involvement, and thus raise public awareness of the importance of the region’s heritage through various entertaining and interactive activities. A host of events will take place to make it possible for visitors of all ages to discover, learn, and interact with history.

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The Merry House: A Wealth of History!

Antique furniture and native artifacts: our permanent exhibition combines technology with heritage to make you discover the history of Magog and its region as well as the life of the first occupants, from the Aboriginal Peoples to the 1920s.


My life at the Textile

Work, laughter, and rebellion…

Discover through our first temporary exhibition the daily life of Magog’s textile workers, who will touch you with their stories and anecdotes of the past.



Mobile Experience

Put on your explorer hat and discover in a practical and dynamic approach the Merry House’s history and archaeology. Thanks to a free mobile experience, unveil more photos and videos testifying of the strategic importance of our patrimonial site.

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Support the Merry House

Our long-awaited house opened its doors in July 2018.

While collaborating with the City of Magog on restoration and expansion work, our team is working hard to put in place all the necessary tools for the smooth running of operations and organization of the numerous activities and events that are taking place.

Help us and give generously by becoming a member of the Merry House.