This great project is spearheaded by a team of history and archaeology enthusiasts, with the goal of preserving and giving a new life to a site rich in culture and heritage, and inviting today’s citizens to make it their own.

Les Gais Lurons en prestation au American House en mars 1951. Fonds Studio RC. La Société d'histoire de Magog

The Gais Lurons performing at the American House in March 1951. Studio RC fonds. Magog Historical Society.

The dynamic Merry House team is comprised of:
Board of Directors
      • Marie-France Bourdages > Chairwoman
      • Diane Pelletier > Vice-chairwoman, representing the City of Magog
      • Mélanie Pelletier > Secretary
      • Pierre Bastien > Board member, representing Magog Historical Society
      • Hélène Daneau >Board Member
      • Maurice Langlois >Board Member
      • Maire-Claire Manon Bergeron >Board Member
Annual Reports

The Merry House is a citizen site of memory that present Magog’s history and that of the region from the time of the Aboriginal peoples and the American settlers, up to today. Discover the oldest house in urban Magog through exhibitions and exciting activities.


Thanks to a playful and interactive approach, the Merry House wishes to showcase the many cultural references of its community’s past and become a keyplayer in the heritage presentation of its region.


In an effort to maintain open communication, Merry House’s employees and administrators are guided by the following values in their actions and decisions:


      • Cooperation
      • Integrity
      • Passion
      • Respect
      • Rigor
      • Greet the public, develop, promote and manage the citizen site of memory oh the Merry House for the benefit of Magog’s residents and visitors.
      • Initiate and sensitize visitors to the history, heritage and archeology of Magog’s community and its region by hosting different cultural activities throughout the year, in complementarity with the other cultural organizations.
      • Contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of the City of Magog and its region.